Book Review Statement

Book Review Statement

As an elementary school librarian, you can expect to find that most of the reviews I write and post to my blog are school age appropriate and include books of interest at both the elementary and middle school levels. I also review books that are intended for an older reading audience (Teen/Young Adult). Parents, all books can be searched by the appropriate category under the ‘Book Buzz’ tab.

Authors, Publishers, Parents, and all guests, please read the book review statements below for more details.

Book Promotion

I Book Talk and promote books every single day to my school community, family, and friends both in person and online through my blog and in the following ways:

Reading Levels

I do not get into posting reading levels with my reviews but have chosen instead to utilize the following categories that are most widely used. Please use your own discretion when choosing a book for your child. As a school librarian, independent student choice is respected and encouraged.

  • Picture Book
    Appropriate for ages 2 to 102.
  • KidLit
    Chapter Books for Beginning Readers through about age 10.
  • MGLit
    Often noted as appropriate for ages 8 to 12.
  • Teen/YA
    13 and older.

Views & Opinions

The reviews you read on this blog or any of the social media platforms I’ve mentioned using, are strictly based on my own views and opinions and do not represent the views and opinions of any school, district, or employer that I work for now or have worked for in the past.



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